What is LawNewsIndex?

An Archive of Law News

Since late 2011, LawNewsIndex.com has been a UK based freely available archive of news, articles, essays and general publications relating to lawyers, law firms, legal and justice related matters, legislative changes, regulation, arbitration, mediation, the study of law, legal technology and political or social developments related to or impacting the rule of law. The main focus of the archive is law related news from the UK and the English speaking world, as well as major events across the globe.

Why create an archive of Law, Justice and Legislation related news?

Search engines make it possible to search for any event, story or legal case that had appeared as part of a legal article, law related publication and even judgements from individuals. However, many specialist briefs and elaborate discussions are under paywalls making it difficult for the non-subscriber to access such material, learn about cases or campaigns and form an informed opinion. LawNewsIndex was created as a free resource that offers a glance at what had been going on in the world of law, justice and jurisprudence within a day. It is hoped that when a news item is being searched, an added context to the day in question shall make the headline more relevant and balanced to the future legal researcher. 

The researcher may use the links to articles as they see fit to aid their curiosity, understanding and research interest. The specific news stories are not hashtagged, so the standard algorithm for searching for a story used by the search engines and social media sites is not valid for this archive. Instead, the search box shall return a complete day's result to put the story into a daily context. A very simple, easy to load and classic interface is used to present the site to ensure that the site is accessible using even the oldest of browsers. No record is kept on who is searching this index other than the information collated by Google automatically using cookies.   

All news items from the non-legal mainstream media do not state the source of publication within this archive, only the headline or a sub-edited headline, however, the original source is revealed once the link is visited. This site is updated at least once per day. 

No Legal Opinion or Advice to be Inferred

The archive is collated from the edited news headline links first tweeted via @TheLawMap twitter account. The news and articles archived in these pages are not intended to represent any political or legal opinions, nor do they represent the general views of the editor of LawNewsIndex.com, each article solely represents the opinion of the original writer or publication. 

Inclusion and Removal Requests, and Notification of Broken Links

Please notify Sundaylawreview@gmail.com of any factual errors and omissions:

The general free-press self-determination criteria of including news based on public interest has long been seen as the mantra of a truly egalitarian society. However, all removal requests where the safety or mental health of individuals are in concern, are most carefully considered and acted upon. 

Requests for inclusion of law related articles by individual authors or publication editors should also be made through the same email. If you are an individual or an organisation under the belief that an article archived here is potentially defamatory under the UK law, please contact immediately to request removal. 

It is inevitable that certain links to news headlines are no longer available or have moved. A lack of resources means it is not possible for the editor to perpetually check for dead links. It is hoped that the news headline itself might serve as a 'timestamp' of history where the original source is no longer available, thereby, still add to the understanding of the social context in which the item was reported.  

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